MTU COOLANT LINE 8382001452 1.41 KG

Item condition: New
Part #: 8382001452
Description(English): COOLANT LINE
MOQ: 3
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Product Description

Tracking No:8382001452 COOLANT LINE - 308676016029 SCREW
MTU mb833 series MTU 2000 series MTU mb838 series centering element、lug socket spann..

MTU is the world leading manufacturer of diesel engines, Their diesel engine power is from 35kw to 9000kw and is widely used in ships,heavy vehicles and construction machinery,railway locomotives, etc.


EEC is specialized in importing and exporting for MTU diesel engine and diesel engine parts. supplying all MTU completely engine and original parts also replaced parts. For details, please contact us via phone or e-mail.

Telephone:0086 21 64195526 Cellphone:0086 13761176397


 MTU COOLANT LINE 8382001452 1.41 KG Tracking No:912004007101 MTU 2000 series

EEC is specialized in importing and exporting for MTMTU Engine PartsU diesel engine and diesel engine parts . supplying all MTU completely engine and original parts also replaced parts(8382001452/912004007101).

Professional employees,enough experience ,perfectly guarantee ,trustly technical support from Germany , so that we can supply excellent products and service in time for you

We can offer widely used, diesel power plants, navy, marine, generator sets, mining equipment, defense construction, the current machine range can provide are:

MTU 099 series, MTU 183 series, MTU 199 series, MTU 331 series, MTU 396 series, MTU 493 series, MTU 538 series, MTU 595 series, MTU 652 series, MTU 956 series, MTU 1163 series, MTU 1000 series, MTU 1300 series, MTU 1500 series, MTU 1600 series, MTU 1800 series, MTU 2000 series, MTU 4000 series, MTU 8000 series.

These parts contain crankshaft, cylinder block, lug socket spann.,cylinder head, camshaft, pistons, piston rings,rectangular shape, piston pins, cylinder liners, valves, valve seats, centering element,valve guides and overhaul a variety of gaskets and O-rings, etc. Suitable overhaul and the repair (W4, W5, W6).

Meet major repair shop and factory owners and MTU license needs, the most important is our fitting has a great price advantage in the premise of guaranteeing quality, and hope that all companies and individuals doing business.

MTU mb833 series,MTU 2000 series,MTU mb838 series Engine Parts:8382001452 308676016029 SCREW



Questions? Give us a call at +86-21-641-95526 or email us at (MTU engine parts service)

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